The latest month long closure of Kirkstone Pass is due to end on Friday 20th October. 
Traffic lights will then be in place until the completion of the works.

Night-time closures will commence on Monday 30 October until Friday 17 November 2023 from 9pm – 7am on weekdays only.  These overnight closures are for drain repairs and to install the wooden-clad vehicle restraint systems (crash barriers).  During this time vehicle access will be restricted.

 Future overnight closures are planned for the following dates Monday to Friday from 9pm until 7am (weather permitting).

 Wednesday 6 December until Wednesday 20 December 2023: These overnight closures are to allow further installation of the wooden-clad vehicle restraint systems (crash barriers) and more drain repairs to make the road safe before we stand down for Christmas. 

  • Wednesday 3 January until Friday 19 January 2024: These overnight closures are to enable the contractor to install more wooden-clad vehicle restraint systems (crash barriers). 

  During the periods of overnight road closures, there will be manned traffic lights during the daytime 7 days a week. 

 During road maintenance and improvements, it is crucial for motorists, pedestrians, and cyclists to prioritise safety and exercise caution when encountering the traffic lights.  The traffic lights play a vital role in regulating the flow of vehicles and ensuring a smooth and organised traffic system.  By being mindful at the traffic lights, road users, pedestrians, and cyclists can contribute to the overall safety of everyone on the road.

 During the night-time closures, the road will undergo a complete closure which means that vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists are not permitted to access the area.  During the night-time closure, we kindly request that you do not attempt to access the work site.  As part of our commitment to maintaining a secure environment, we will be placing barriers on the site to ensure the safety of the public.

 A further full road closure is scheduled to take place from 1 March 2024, to complete the resurfacing work. This closure will span over four weeks, subject to weather conditions. Further details regarding road diversions will be provided closer to the time of each closure.