Our system is still in the trial phase! In the meanwhile all bookings to be via the hut booking sec.  

How it will work when fully operational. 
Anyone wishing to book beds, whether a member of ABMSAC or AC or a BMC affiliated club will need to Register on this website. 

Once registered and logged onto the site, follow the menu links under Booking for either Members or Group booking requests. 

Groups may view the availability calendar and then request a booking via the website.
there is a non returnable deposit of 25% and the balance is due one month before the date of stay. These payments to be online, no cheques or BACS please. There are no CC (Credit Card) charges.

Members may, after viewing the Members Room Calendar, book directly into the members room without intervention of the hut booking sec. You may pre-pay or pay on/after departure. The safe in the hut will be removed. No cash or cheques, only online payments. There are no CC charges. 


Rates are per person per night:
ABMSAC and AC members and kindred club (Oread), £6
All others, BMC affiliated or other recognised groups, £11.